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Devine Lady, You have been invested with gifts, talents and uniqueness. You are surprisingly Satisfied, Purposefully Feminine, Authentically You and Faithfully His.

Women are being called to a new season, women who reflect their full purpose and potential.

Women who embrace life with joy and fulfilment and are known for being faithful in every area of their lives.

Being surprisingly satisfied and utterly content puts women in a position to be amazingly free. Contentment serves as a guard against desires gone wild. When that which you already have is enough and when grace and undeserving favour may overflow.

This moment right here, right now, what you thinking and how you feeling, is a once in a life time experience. Start living in every moment. You only have this chance today, to fully be the person you want to be. Yes dream, dream with power and Passion! But promise never again to miss anything in your life, any moment in your life. By wishing moments away, wishing for something better, we wish everyday away. You only have exactly this moment; never will you ever have exactly this moment.

Learn to be content in the good and the bad, let today and this moment be good enough... even when the bad is REALLY BAD. Learn to be content with everything “I am” and everything “I am not” right now. Dream those daring dreams, Set goals, achieve those dreams yet be content. Learn to be content in your “right now”.

Give yourself the permission to fully enjoy the things you have, the person you are, and the life you are currently living, while continuing to harbour the dreams that keep growing into your future. Womanhood is a position entrusted to us every morning. A woman will only serve herself and her family with Honour the moment she is content, happy with whom she truly is. You are surprisingly satisfied.

Women are designed both strong and vulnerable. Powerful yet tender, more than able yet willing to yield. You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth and secure in yourself. You are purposefully feminine.

Beauty tends to become very familiar. You get used to your own uniqueness. You over look the remarkable aspects that make you uniquely special. We so busy trying to be someone else and someone else is desperately trying to be you. Be authentically you. No one can be a better you then you, even if they tried. Reflections in the mirror become distorted by social constructed ideas of beauty. It is the most powerful thing when a woman truly knows who she is.

You are a woman chosen. A woman set apart. A woman appointed. Someone somewhere needs you, in all of your uniqueness, with all you have to give. Step up and take your rightful place. Embrace your special role. You are extraordinarily significant. This is what makes us different, being faithful to the call we have as women, faithful to the family He has given, the husband and children He has entrusted us with. Pursuing His purpose and driven by the passions He has placed within our hearts. You are faithfully His.

Every woman has her own unique fragrance. Your fragrance changes the atmosphere. You walk with power and passion changing the fragrance of any room you walk in. Divine lady, you are surprisingly Satisfied, Purposefully Feminine, Authentically You and Faithfully His, that is your fragrance. Changing your circumstances the moment you touch it. You have the ability to speak life into every situation. You are the firm foundation which your household is built on. Hearing the heart beat of your Heavenly Father. Being guided by His wisdom.

Be inspired by the woman you see in the mirror, learn to trust God’s perfect plan for your life, resolving to become “surprisingly Satisfied, Purposefully Feminine, Authentically You and Faithfully His.”

Evette Kruger
Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker

Born to Shine Magazine