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Take control of your space

Any working woman of the 21st century can attest to the demanding schedules of our daily lives and the ever fading opportunities to enjoy “me time”. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Max Your Space professional organising services, helps people from all walks of life take control of their lives by sorting and reorganizing all household contents.
Early on into managing my own professional organising company, I learned that burn-out is one of the ingredients in the recipe of failure. Burning the midnight oil and allowing myself little down-time, resulted in being frustrated and exhausted and, in turn, I couldn’t live up to my intensive daily schedule or be of any assistance to others. So I pulled out all stops to find the secret of ticking the tasks off my “to do list” as well as enjoying my life. Working a 9am - 7pm job and still managing my night owl stints to build up Max Your Space, plus fulfilling my domestic duties and cultivating some much needed “me-time” takes a juggling act to the next level.
Max Your Space knows the importance of creating a specific home for every belonging you own and establishing a stress-free environment for you. By having your belongings organized, saves a huge amount of time and money. Qualified in interior design, we create well planned, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. We provide tailormade packages to suit your time and budget.
As part of our unique value added service, appointments up until 19h00 are available. Max Your Space will be money well spent by creating the life you deserve.
Here’s some tips of how to tick everything off the daily “to do list” and still enjoy quality feet-up time:
1. Prioritize: Get the tedious tasks ticked off first.
2. Race the clock: Set a manageable timeframe to each task and add some fun by beating the clock.
3. Enlist help: Yes, I know, us women don’t like asking for help, but you’ll be surprised just how fantastic, many hands make light work. From children to partners; employees and domestics, there’s many hands at your disposal.
4. Celebrate: Submitting your tax return on time deserves that slice of indulgent cake or that long bubble bath. Revel in your accomplishments, you deserve it!
5. Turn off notifications: When last did you put your phone on silent for an hour or two? Set the oven or egg timer for a reasonable time frame to read through and reply to your social media news. Once the buzzer sounds, switch off and enjoy an uninterrupted hour (or three) on the essential “me time”. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

At Max Your Space, we sensitively and professionally walk you through every step of getting (and staying) organised.

We handle projects of any size. Our services include but are not limited to, the following:
• Sorting – grouping your belongings into definite categories making the transformation of your space far more manageable.
• Decluttering – we assist you in getting rid of clutter
• Packing up your home or office in lieu of an upcoming relocation
• Unpacking after a relocation
• Removal of items for donation; discarding, recycling and resale
• Evaluation and organisation of memorabilia (coins, stamps etc.)
• Custom storage solutions
• Organising before, during or after major life events e.g. deaths, births, marriage, divorce, downsizing
• Create filing systems

We are committed to providing you with a professional, confidential and proficient service. We uphold a high level of ethics while maxing your space.
Contact Jane Kotze on: 076 375 0223 or
Please see our website for more information

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