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It’s a new year with new beginnings and brand new possibilities! All the right reasons to start taking action, your time is Now! Make 2013 the year of action, change that will last you a lifetime!

There is no better time than your present! It’s time to start living a life filled with purpose, power and passion! Time to get focused; seek clear vision and new direction! No more wasting time! Let’s turn these dreams into reality! … How BIG do you dare to dream?

For many of us, making changes in our lives is difficult and the fear of failure overcomes us. We surrender ourselves to the idea that change at times may become impossible, thus causing us to repeat an endless cycle of frustration. Knowing what to do is often not good enough to accomplish our goals, as we are at times our own worst enemy.

Excuses such as, lack of time, money, I don’t know how or “the famous… I’ll start on Monday” are the reasons that keep us from change, the biggest thereof is FEAR. Fear causes our sight to become clouded and our visions and goals get lost or even forgotten.

Life seems intimidating and we lose our excitement for life. Routines set in and we never get to experience the freedom and abundance of our dreams.

  • Rise Up! ... You have thought about it long enough! You have set too many goals and resolutions and never accomplished much. Beautiful Woman, take a stand and rise up from those ashes. Rise Up and attack life!
  • Attacking life means there’s something worth attacking; something worth fighting for... they called your dreams, goals, and visions.
  • You have the power to re-design your life. How BIG do you dare to dream? Dreams and visions need to scare you. Dream Big enough for you to grow into your dreams!
    The best way to predict the future is to create it! Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, you become what you believe. Rise up and attack life with enthusiasm!
  • Enthusiasm is described as a strong desire for success, Appetite, Craving, Eagerness, Fire in the Belly, a Hunger, a Longing, Zeal, Thirst, Obsession and Desire.
    So, Rise Up and attack your Dreams, goals and vision with fire in your belly!
  • Commit to yourself and your dreams. Run with your vision, dream those daring dreams, set those goals and change your life! Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you”

It’s your time to Rise Up and attack life with a hunger and a thirst, with fire in your belly.

Committed to make the change and living your best life!

Evette Kruger
Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker

Born to Shine Magazine