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Transform your life, adopt a healthy lifestyle with TenaZ Nutrition. TenaZ is a NUTRACEUTICAL, which is a foodstuff (as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic NUTRITIONAL value, also called functional food. By using the TenaZ Meal Replacement daily, you’re feeding your body on a cellular level. TenaZ means “no more starvation” and you will also be repairing nutrient imbalances. Our products are 100% natural, NO Stimulants, NO Thermogenics, NO Additives and NO Preservatives. So it’s safe for all members of the family (young and old), diabetic and people on chronic lifestyle medication.
Our product line consists of the TenaZ Meal Replacement (No dieting), No Thank You (to control your cravings), Metabolic Boosters (speed up your metabolism), Booster Drops (to energise), various Fat Attacks (cure the cause of your obesity) and also Stress Fat Attack (supports adrenal fatigue). We also provide you with a Food Line as well, whereby we teach you portion control.
At TenaZ Nutrition we also offer Professional InBody Analysis whereby we work out your Weight Control, Target Weight, Body Composition Analysis, Muscle-Fat Analysis, Basal Metabolic Rate and also your Visceral Fat Level. WE offer guidance, motivation and support through-out your weight loss journey, or even weight gain and maintenance program.
You are genetically programmed to enjoy food and be slim. TenaZ really works and will change your perception of health and weight control forever! I am now at a healthy weight and still control my weight with the TenaZ Meal every day.

Cell +27 (0)76 817 1619

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