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In my experience there is no “single formula for entrepreneurial success”.
I have seen many entrepreneurs taking radically different approaches on their respective paths to success. Each of us as an individual has different values, attitudes, experiences, passions and drivers. Given the same set of inputs each one of us will choose to take our very own unique path to personal success. Having said this, there are ‘business fundamentals’ that are always worthy reminding ourselves of. I hope that these short questions will serve to stimulate your pro-activeness:

• When last did you review your profits, losses and operating budget? Do you know where you currently stand with this? This year? Last year? (be honest now!)

• Can you list each of your products or services and (details) of the likes and dislikes of your target audiences? Do you understand your target audience(s) and your market place (geography, competitors, existing and potential marketing and distribution channels, trend information, the rand size of your market, etc) exceptionally well?

• Could you do something more “hands on” to get to know more about either of these?

Then, look at your business over the past two to three years, and look at a) what has worked for you, and b) what hasn’t worked for you – as simple as this may sound it’s up to you to actively develop and emulate the trends you want to develop, and do away with the habits you don’t want to persist – especially if you’ve already experienced the results in the past.

Take an honest look at your products and services versus your number one competitor. How do you stack up? (honestly). Could you make certain changes to optimize your “uniqueness” and entice your target audience to renewed levels of interest?

What have you done recently, by way of “active marketing”? Randomly brainstorm every possible “marketing opportunity” that exists for you in your current environment (If you’re stuck for ideas, pick up a magazine and page through it. Pick on words, colours and objects and styles of “talking to the reader” that truly stand out for you. Then look at how you could apply them to your own business in novel ways.)

There is much more to be said on this subject but I hope that these “tricks, tips and techniques” will help ‘jump start’ your entrepreneurial flair to new levels of innovativeness.

Success in self-innovation to you!

Lynda Gibson

Cell: 083 230 6462 or

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