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Nutrient IV Infusions - Bespoke Formulations

Introducing DR BOOST
There is a growing trend of using IV infusions to improve skin, boost energy, wellness and immunity.
Everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies and help numerous health concerns.
After a consultation, personalised formulations are prepared for each patient - all administered by our on-site GP or our visiting Specialist Physician. We have our IV Cocktails, Vitamin Shots and Boosters. While hooked up other treatments can be performed such as chemical peels, needling, skinboosters, etc.
IV Glutathione Therapy
During his research of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dr Perlmutter, a neurologist from the USA found that after several treatments IV Glutathione (the most potent naturally occurring anti-oxidant known to mankind), his patients’ skin became lighter, even toned and less prone to textural abnormalities.
Glutathione is present in every cell of the human body but its concentration decreases as we age, leaving our skin helpless against harmful UV rays and urban pollutants. Besides the benefits to your skin it has immune boosting, antiinflammatory and detoxifying properties.
Glutathione is a Powerful anti-oxidant found predominately in the brain and liver. When given intravenously it improves liver and brain function. It is often used for memory enhancement, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Neuropathy and Liver Disease. It has shown to be helpful in autism as well.
Accumulating medical research suggests that glutathione is important in the prevention and treatment of several pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular disease, immune system dysfunction and especially liver disease. There is also some evidence that robust levels of glutathione may slow the aging process as well.
1. Bright Boost: Anti Aging, Anti-inflammatory, Skin Brightening, Skin –lightening, Immune Boosting, Memory Boosting, Acne Inflammation. This is Glutathione with high dose Vitamin C. This can be used for a glow, brightening or lightening. For Lightening – twice a week sessions for a month work well and for a radiant glow every 10 days work well.
2. Jet Fuel Infusion:The Party girl drip, Energy Boost, Hangovers.
3. Myer’s Cocktail: Where IV nutrient therapy started: Fatigue & chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Myofacial pain, Upper respiratory tract infections, Seasonal allergic rhinitis, Paresthesias, Chronic pain, Insomnia. The idea of infusing high doses of vitamins intravenously was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, Md., who infused thousands of patients with his unique formulation of vitamins -known as the “Myer’s cocktail.”.
Most patients with fatigue or even chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) will benefit from Myer’s cocktail infusions, often within the first few treatments. Ongoing maintenance infusions every few weeks are usually necessary to maintain good results but some patients improve enough that further treatments are not necessary.
4. Secret Slimmer - amino acids cocktail boost.
5. The Anti-Age IV

A new Botox injection technique called Botox Mesotherapy or Mesobotox is being performed in order to offer more natural results. To achieve this we dilute the concentrations of the drug in various ways and inject it at different layers of the skin so that the therapy is more individualised and efficient depending on the muscle that we want to relax (larger - smaller, more superficial-deep, etc.). The injection can be delivered intradermally in case we want a milder effect or intramuscularly, when we want to achieve greater relaxation.
In the same way we decide the proper dilutions for a certain rate infusion depending on the area treated and the problem. The sites where Mesobotox can be applied are the lines extending from the crow’s feet downwards, the laugh lines around the mouth and the facial contours. It may smooth and shrink pores.

Dr Anjana Bhana
(BDS WITS 2005) Pr No: 0392421
Cell: 083 302 2660

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