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Own Your Power

For hundreds of years women had no power, and were basically seen as property. A marriage meant that a woman was being passed from her father to her husband. They couldn’t vote, or own property. The customary belief was that a man was the head of his household. His word was law.
Today that concept just doesn’t fit in society, but many of us still cling to those traditional gender roles and believe that a man should run the show, make the decisions and be ‘in control’.

Another reason is that some women are just overly agreeable. They want to be liked, so they become people pleasers. In the hands of an abuser, a people pleaser is groomed to accept that their voice, their opinions, their wants and needs cause problems in the relationship, so they ‘give away’ their POWER, to ease tension and make the relationship seem more bearable.

So why do women still keep ‘giving away’ their OWN POWER in relationships? Why do we still allow our partners to control us? We accept all kinds of abuse? We allow our partners to play their power games, their mind games and to degrade our strengths and achievements. We let our partners use our children against us, treat us like domestic slaves, and even overpower us when in vulnerable and intimate situations.

One reason relationships tend to fail is that we start out well, but then slowly, without realising it; we ‘give away’ our power. This process is subtle and before you know it, instead of having a healthy give and take, the relationship has lost its ‘balance’. When we give our power away it erodes our self-esteem and we feel a sense of worry and resentment.

Giving away our power never feels good, though it may feel comfortable. It’s a habit we may be repeating without awareness. We may start to avoid conflict, we may become afraid of what others will think, we may compare ourselves to others, and even diminish ourselves to please others...the list goes on. The truth is giving your power away harms only – YOU!

By taking back our POWER, we start to regain control of life. Like our self-esteem, our personal power is precious and must be respected, cherished and protected.

No one has the right to control or abuse another person. We were put on this earth to be ‘free and in control’ of our own lives. When we see an injustice being done to someone else, we get angry at the unfairness and may speak up in an attempt to right that wrong, but in our own relationships we are all too willing to allow injustices to go ‘scot-free’. By taking back our power and owning this power we right these wrongs!

After spending a few years of my own life looking outside of myself for the love and attention I desired in relationships - I lost my power. While I gave away my power, I always had an ‘inner sense’ that knew what was right! This ‘inner wisdom’ led me to the path I’m on now, inspiring others to discover their OWN change their lives.

You already have the POWER within yourself to be whoever you want to be, to dream the biggest dreams and to achieve your highest potential. When you are willing to take responsibility for the choices that are going to change your life, you have fully stepped into your own power. You are no longer in a state of confusion, making excuses, looking to others for answers, or feeling like a victim of circumstances; you have stepped-up to the plate, to follow the path that is aligned with your highest truth, your soul, your freedom and your true happiness.

Only you can liberate yourself. Only you are in control of you. You don’t need anyone else’s approval or permission, because no one can ever give you – what is already yours – your own power! So today, take back your POWER as a woman...OWN your POWER...”To change your life”

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