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There is a Perfect Fit Bra out there!

Trying to find a bra that is not only supportive and comfortable, but also feminine, can feel like trying to find snow in the desert. Bra shopping, for most woman, is a daunting task often left to the very absolute “lost all shape” moment. How many of us have complained that we just can’t find a bra that fits properly.

The great news is that bra shopping can in fact be a pleasant experience. On top of that, sexy, beautiful bras are no longer reserved only for the smaller breasted lady. That’s correct – even a K-cup lady can expect to find bras that are supportive and gorgeous.

The problem often starts not knowing what to look for in a good fitting bra. Let’s take a look at common complaints of a poorly fitting bra. If you’re experiencing any, or all, of the following issues, you’re most likely not wearing the right size bra: Your back strap rides up your back, most of the weight of your breasts is resting on your shoulders, you have ‘side’ boobs, you have a ‘uni-boob’ look going on, one or both your breasts keep popping out the top of the cup/s, your underwire is poking your breasts, your padded bra is gaping at the top of the cups and last but not least your boobs are ‘falling out’ underneath. These are the most common complaints ladies have about their bras.

All is not lost and hopefully after reading this article you’ll be better informed what to look for the next time you go shopping for new bras.
The most common mistake ladies make when trying on bras is that they are going too big in the back strap (this is the 32, 34, 36, 38 etc. measurement of a bra) and too small in the cup (the A, B, C and so on, measurement). Over 80% of the support of a bra is in the back strap. To get the support you need from your bra, it needs to be firm. When you pull the back strap away from your body, you shouldn’t be able to pull it more than 5cm. Anything more, when the back strap loosens up with wear, it will ride up your back. Remember, your back strap should be parallel to the ground. The next important step to check when fitting a bra is to ensure that the underwires are sitting flat against your sternum. If you can fit your finger (or more) between your chest and underwire, this is an indicator that either your cup is too small or your back strap is too big, or possibly even both. You want everything to sit flat against your body so that when you move around, your bra will stay put and not move with you. Moving to under your arm, what you’re looking for is that the underwire is completely behind the breast and resting on the bone. If the underwire is resting on any breast tissue you’ll have to go up in the cup. And finally, looking at the front of the bra, the breast should be fully enclosed within the cup, with no spillage either on the top or the sides.

Study has found a direct link between wearing a well fitted bra and inflating your confidence. They discovered a drop in body language signalling a lack of confidence, such as breaking eye contact and touching the face, while behaviour showing confidence, such as smiling, rocketed by 73% when ladies were given a bit of added uplift.

Every woman, regardless of her age or size, deserves to wear properly fitted, gorgeous lingerie. Looking great in your clothing starts with a good foundation, that being your lingerie. If you are wearing the correct size bra, besides being supported, your silhouette will instantly look slimmer and boost your self-esteem.

Seek out a lingerie specialists in your area and say goodbye to stressful bra shopping. They will be able to assist you in what will best work for your body and breast shape. There is a perfect fit bra out there for each and every woman.

Céline Mainguy 079 799 5838

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