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Unlock the THRIVE Factor

As a young girl growing up in Johannesburg South, brought up primarily by the family helper, Shona developed an acute awareness of how circumstances shaped people regardless of their actual value. The “world” at the time, seemed to demand a behaviour towards people that contradicted the reality of what she experienced. Her primary caregiver from whom she derived tremendous knowledge and value from was treated as a lessor citizen by the “system” at the time.

This experience was further deepened when entering the world of work where at that time, the gender bias seemed to favour people based on who they were or knew rather than the value they added. She recalls being advised that as a young female, she should not expect to rise to managerial ranks but settle for administrative roles even if her work output was at a superior level. As time progressed Shona carefully observed how stereotypical behaviour in society dictates norms & shapes people’s view of what they can and can’t achieve. Still today, whether the focus is on certain demographic categories e.g. race, gender, disability, age or education, or the economic predictions, crime trends and market forces, people seem to moderate their aspirations around “what’s perceived to be possible” rather than the value they bring to a company, market or situation. And yet, history is filled with examples of people who defied the odds and achieved beyond what statistics, trends or society dictated was possible. Every day, someone somewhere challenges the “norm” – why don’t we model ourselves against those real life situations? believing in the “impossible” rather than moderating ourselves on the “standard” or comfort level of society? In truth, nothing can dictate your potential or your reality more than your own determination and self-belief.

“It is the limits we place on ourselves more than anything externally that shapes our reality and ability to reach our potential and lead a fulfilling life”. – Shona Selley

1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

My dream is to support people and organisations to Thrive naturally rather than be bound by the ways of the world, conforming to principles of pride, competition, envy and self-preservation. If each of us could just focus on being the best we could be and believe in our potential and value, the culmination thereof would be Thriving individuals & Thriving organisations.

“Regardless of what we attain in life, it is of little value if we aren’t adding value to others to experience the same and more but when we are constantly focussed on survival within our means rather than tapping into all available resources we become internally focussed, limiting the application of our true value & potential of Thriving in life – it is possible!”

How do we unlock the Thrive Factor?
T = Thoughts produce reality, right thinking produces unlimited results
H = Heart is emotion and passion, learn to love yourself and what you do, you will excel
R = Reality check: programmed or indoctrinated perceptions vs. divine design & true potential
I = Integrity: aligning our words, thoughts, beliefs and actions
V = Victorious living: intentionally living your dream
E = Empowerment: activating the principles to enable your new reality

“Romans 12:2 Be not conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of your mind”

The process is focussed on enabling people & organisations to truly Thrive. The approach is realistic, relevant and applicable to every industry or individual where they are now regardless of circumstances, simply because the source of all wisdom is unshakable and unchanging. Divinely inspired, founded on the Word and shaped by real life experience & success, it activates leadership mentality to implement sound principles in life, family and/ or business. Bringing BIG picture thinking that embraces true potential rather than conditioned thinking that often stifles potential.

Designed to Thrive aims to incorporate the practices of great minds, the dreams of the “client” and our experience to unlock the energy and drive to realise dreams. We aren’t made to constantly strive for survival, we are designed to THRIVE!

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