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Company Name: Master Your Life
Contact Person: Lynda Ludwick
Cell: 0729689003
Description: Master Your Life is a transformational catalyst. We live in a fast paced world and we are continually on the go. We have many responsibilities and people relying on us that we feel we do not have the time or the right to stop and take stock of our lives. That the way things are, are the way things are. Being in that very situation I know what it means to take a step back and ask, What do I want?, What do I deserve?,What do I desire?. On the surface these questions may seem somewhat mundane, however the answers can be quite startling and it will push you out of your comfort zone. To be able to live the life of your innermost dreams you must acknowledge your divinity, you must realise that you are worthy and that you are a miracle of life. If you do not feel any of these things you are missing out and you are selling yourself short. It will be an honour if you will allow me to guide you back to yourself. To show you how very special you are and how very deserving you are.
Services: I provide the following services Transformational Life Coaching - a process for you to re-discover yourself, your passions, your purpose Aura Soma Consultations - this is such a beautiful Colour Care System. Aura Soma offer you the opportunity for awareness and transformation Reiki Treatments - this is a wonderful treatment if you are feeling stressed or out of balance Heal Your Life Workshop - a transformational 2 day workshop. On the workshop we focus on the 4 aspects of ourselves - i.e. Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. The workshop is based on the philosophy of Louise. L. Hay. If you are familiar with her work you will know that to attend this workshop will bring lasting changes into your life. Spirit Power and Purpose Workshop - This is a 1 day workshop and it will take you on a journey of self discovery. It will open the gateway for you to become aware of your purpose in life.