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This magazine was created in celebration of the beauty, inner strength and resilience of women. It is also a reminder to those women who have allowed their light to be dimmed or totally diminished by experiences or circumstances, that we were all BORN to SHINE!

We are each responsible for our own life story. You can choose for your life story to be about hopelessness, victimisation, complaining and sadness. Or you can CHOOSE today to write a new story - a bright story of happiness, joy, kindness, love, laughter, peace, optimism, inspiration and success.

Use you setbacks, pain, mistakes and failures as valuable lessons and building blocks to grow, to gain strength and courage to make tomorrow the start of a new story. The first page of a journey that leads to a happier and brighter future, a story that leads you to being the person you were meant to be. Life is a magnificent gift from God - celebrate it and make it count! Let your light shine brightly and help other to do the same!

On this website you will find valuable resources that will enhance your every day journey - whether it be looking beautiful, managing your health and well-being, financial guidance, business ideas and support, resources for brides-to-be, or inspiring stories of other women who have let their light shine brightly. I trust you will find this a very valuable resource. Please support our advertisers who made this booklet possible